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Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band

Wearing a WEDDING BAND—a beautiful metal ring on the ring finger—is a symbol of marriage. It is a sign of the spouse’s FIDELITY. Typically, a wedding band is placed on the left ring finger. Modern medicine has disproved the Greek myth that the vein in the left ring finger leads directly to the heart. The European tradition of wearing wedding bands has become widely popular worldwide. The wedding band is worn on the ring finger of the right hand in Eastern and certain Western European countries, including the NETHERLANDS, SPAIN, and GERMANY.

Some people also wear wedding bands on a chain around their neck.

The wedding band is traditionally worn closer to the base of the ring finger than the engagement band. After marriage, the SPOUSE’S NAME is frequently inscribed on the engagement band, changing it into the wedding band. In traditional weddings, the BEST MAN is responsible for taking care of the wedding bands and producing them for the RING GIVING and RECEIVING CEREMONY. Wedding bands are occasionally carried on special CUSHIONS or PILLOWS by a RING BEARER, generally a YOUNG BOY connected to the bride or groom.

The ring SYMBOLIZES the couple’s love for each other. Approaching someone wearing a ring with romantic intentions is viewed negatively in society. MEN’S and WOMEN’S rings have slightly different designs. The bands’ thickness ranges from 2 mm to 10 mm. Some occupations, such as POLICE OFFICERS, SOLDIERS, ELECTRICIANS, and ACTORS, often do not wear wedding bands.

There are THOUSANDS OF DESIGNS of wedding bands available in the market.

They are commonly made of PRECIOUS METALS like GOLD (White Gold & Yellow Gold), TITANIUM, PLATINUM, TUNGSTEN CARBIDE, GUN METAL, STAINLESS STEEL, and NICKEL. However, ALUMINUM, SILVER, and BRASS, which are POISONOUS or CORRODING METALS, are NEVER used. Customarily, wedding bands can be made of ANY MATERIAL. The available designs range from DOMED BANDS, MILGRAIN BANDS, and TWO-TONE BANDS to FLAT BANDS, FANCY BANDS, DIAMOND BANDS, DESIGNER BANDS, ENGRAVED BANDS, KNIFE EDGE BANDS, BRUSHED CENTER BANDS, PLAIN FLAT BANDS, CELTIC BANDS, IRISH BANDS, and ANTIQUE DESIGNS. Couples’ wedding bands are often sold in PAIRS with matching designs. Sometimes, the SPOUSES’ NAMES are engraved on the wedding bands. The most COMMON PATTERN is a PLAIN GOLD BAND, which is EASY TO CLEAN and gives an ELEGANT LOOK.

Wedding bands are available in ATTRACTIVE DESIGNS, studded with GEMS, and with a BRIGHT POLISH.

Numerous shapes are available for the gems, including ROUND, HEART, MULTI CUT, PEAR, PRINCESS, and OVAL. Three interwoven rings, which stand for love, faith, and hope, are typically used to make wedding bands in France and other French-speaking countries. Depending on the style and stone, wedding band prices can range from less than $50 to millions of dollars.

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