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Behind The Scenes

Blemish Removal In Video

How important is it to be able to remove a blemish in a video just as well as in a photo… For a bride that been stressing for oh maybe the past 6 months I’d say its pretty important. Wouldn’t you? Check out this short video on post-production Adrian Mata Fort Myers Wedding Photographer (239) […]

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Behind The Scenes

Hello world!

      A thousand words can be written but still, it would never amount to what can be felt through one photograph.  At this moment I’m 31 years old, never married and no kids of my own but love is still my greatest inspiration. You are my inspiration. The bride or groom reading this, […]

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Meet Adrian

Fort Myers Florida based wedding photographer - and the truth is - I've been married a ton of times! Well, not... literally.

I have met with many young couples in love, gone through weeks of planning, guided my couples on how to get the most amazing wedding photography, and tackled the day flawlessly over and over and over.

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