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Annie and Travis’s Engagement

I met my now fiancé, Travis, through the app Bumble… romantic, right? I promise the story gets better. Swiping right begins our love story, but it became apparent that our lives were even more destined to cross paths months into dating.

Travis and I both moved to Fort Myers for work. I arrived in 2015 from Alabama, he moved to the area from Orlando in 2018. I knew a guy in his Bumble profile pictures from college and felt comfortable meeting him in person. Turns out we had dozens of friends in common, but never met throughout the years. About eight months into dating, Travis came home with me to Tampa to meet my family during the holidays. It was then it seems like the stars aligned.

I was born and raised in Tampa. Travis was born in Tampa, but moved to West Palm when he was two-years-old. When were were sitting around the dinner table at my parents house, they asked where he was born and when. Travis said when he was born in 1990, his parents had a home in Carrollwood Village, a large suburb north of Tampa. Turns out that is where my family lived as well.

My dad wanted specifics!

He asked, ‘well where exactly in Carrollwood?’ Over the course of a couple hours, a lot of text messages to Travis’ parents and several glasses of wine, it turns out Travis and I shared a fence when we were babies. Literally, a property line divided us for over a year and somehow our families never met. Who would have thought that my soulmate was just beyond the backyard fence some 30 years ago? We believe we are truly meant to be!

It took us 28 years and a new city to connect again, and now I am never letting him go! Travis proposed Aug. 1, 2020 on Captiva Island and we have been loving the engaged life ever since!

5 words to describe or relationship:

loving, supportive, fulfilling, adventurous and secure

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