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Wedding rings are the most visible signs of marriage. They have long been a part of history and they haven’t always been made out of metals. Ivory, leather, bone and glass, along with precious metals, have all been used to represent what wedding rings still represent today – eternal life together. Shopping for wedding rings is one of the more enjoyable tasks of planning the big event, but with so many beautiful styles to choose from, it can become overwhelming.

According to most wedding planning timelines, you can wait to shop for wedding rings until 4 months before the actual wedding date.

By then, most of the stress-inducing logistics have been taken care of enabling the two of you to relax for a brief period. And that’s what shopping for wedding rings should be – a time relaxing, quite time for the two of you to regroup before things really spiral out of control and tensions flare!

The wedding rings are an important purchase because they’re something that you’ll want to last a lifetime. But even so, it’s important now more than ever to stick within the amount you have previously budgeted for this purpose.

Once you start looking at wedding rings, you’re going to want them all, no matter what they cost. Keep in mind while you shop that you do want your rings to look good, but because they’ll become part of everyday life, be practical and make sure that your wedding rings fit comfortably.

Where do you begin your search for wedding rings? Trends are great, and the trendy rings will be placed center stage at the jewelers, but most people opt for tradition when selecting their wedding rings.

Remember, the rings are going to be worn for a long time, hopefully decades, and today’s trends aren’t going to last that long. Be sure to consider what you both like. For many men, a wedding ring is the only piece of jewelry they’ll ever wear so let the guy have some say in the decision.

Do you both prefer white gold, yellow gold, or platinum? Do you want gemstones or diamonds included on the bands? How about scroll work or filigree? Would simple, unadorned bands suit you better? Do either of you have any cultural preferences such as Irish Claddaugh rings, Jewish wedding bands or Russian wedding rings? Do you want matching wedding rings or do you each want a ring that represents your own unique style? (Believe it or not, this is acceptable nowadays!)

Once you’ve selected the wedding rings that best suit your tastes, decide whether or not you want to have the rings engraved. Engraving is a great way to make yet another statement about your commitment, and you’ll be amazed at how much can actually fit onto that tiny space! Be sure to go over the receipt carefully before handing over your partial or full payment, especially when special-ordering rings or having them engraved. To ensure they’ll last a long time, understand how to properly care for them. And finally, consider insuring your wedding rings.

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